ITI Haryana Result 2018 अभी देखें Haryana ITI NCVT SCVT Result online

Department of Industrial Training, Haryana is going to publish ITI exam result for all trades. The department has successfully completed the process of written exam for the same which have conducted semester wise for all trades.

The students who have participated in the written exam of various trades or courses can check their Haryana ITI Result from the official web page of Skill Development and Industrial Training Department of Haryana.

Govt ITI Result Haryana will available on the official website of ITI Department for all semesters. The students will be able to check their exam result for the respective trade using the steps mention below.

Haryana ITI Result 2018


DepartmentSkill Development and Industrial Training Department
Institute NameIndustrial Training Institute
Short FormITI
ResultAvailable soon
CourseAll trades

The Skill Development and Industrial Training Department, Haryana was established in 1966 with the aim to improve the skill of the candidates in various fields. In beginning, there was online 48 Govt ITI in all over the state with the capacity of 7156 seats.

At present, there will be 372 Govt and Private ITIs in all over the state. Out of which there will be 149 Govt ITI with the capacity of 60000 seats and 223 private ITIs with the capacity of 40000 seats.

The Department will conduct the written exam for NCVT & SCVT twice in a year. Once the examination will conduct in the month of July and then the examination will be conducted in the month of February/ March. TTC examination will conduct in the month of September.

Now the process of examination is successfully completed by the department. The students who are eager to check their Haryana ITI Result can check their result semester wise i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Semester Result.

How to Check ITI Haryana Result 2018

Haryana ITI Result will be released in the month of May or June and then November/ December in a year. The students can check their Haryana NCVT Result or Haryana SCVT Result using the steps given below.

ITI Result for Bahadurgarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Karnal, Rewari, Sonipat, Yamuna Nagar Streams & TTC Result will available on the same webpage.

Steps to check Haryana ITI Result for NCVT & SCVT

  1. Go to the official website of the department of ITI
  2. Now hit on ‘Result’ tab.
  3. After that find the link for your trade or semester.
  4. Now download the pdf file and check your result.

List of Govt ITI in Haryana

DistrictName of ITIUnitsSeats
AmbalaMool Chand Govt. ITI, Ambala Cantt.21356
Govt. ITI, Ambala City671128
Govt. ITI for Girls Ambala City29556
Govt. ITI, Barara37612
Govt. ITI for Girls Naraingarh 348
Govt. ITI Bharanpur29484
KaithalGovt. ITI, Guhna592
Govt. ITI, Gulha Cheeka588
Govt. ITI, Kaithal771356
Govt. ITI for Girls Kaithal16304
Govt. ITI, Pundri24376
Govt. ITI for Girls  Pundri 11212
Govt. ITI Kalayat35600
Govt. ITI Pabnawa464
Govt. ITI  Rajound (Bir Bangra )29552
KurukshetraGovt. ITI, Kurukshetra35604
Govt. ITI for Girls Kurukshetra8152
Govt. ITI, Pehowa21368
Govt. ITI,  Shahabad232
Govt. ITI for Girls Shahabad348
PanchkulaGovt. ITI, Kalka at Bitna50864
Govt. ITI for Girls Kalka at Bitna8144
Govt. ITI, Panchkula21380
Govt. ITI, Raipur Rani6104
Yamuna NagarGovt. ITI for Girls Chhachrauli232
Govt. ITI, Sadhora31504
Govt. ITI, Yamuna Nagar711200
Gurgaon Division
FaridabadGovt. ITI, Faridabad57940
Govt. ITI for Girls Faridabad10184
Govt. ITI, Pali12216
Govt.ITI for Girls Uncha  Gaon14264
Govt.ITI Fatehpur biloch22352
GurgaonGovt. ITI, Gurgaon631060
Govt. ITI for Girls Gurgaon11208
Govt. ITI, Mojabad at Gurgaon7116
Govt. ITI, Sohna26440
MewatGovt. ITI, Firozepur Zirka691180
Govt. ITI for Girls Firozepur Zirkha8140
Govt. ITI, Nagina661088
Govt. ITI, Ujjina25412
Govt. ITI Nuh44428
Govt. ITI  for girls Nuh9160
Govt. ITI Punhana21376
Govt. ITI Pingwana24416
Govt. ITI Taoru10164
PalwalGovt. ITI, Hathin30528
Govt. ITI, Palwal40652
Govt. ITI,  Kushak10160
RewariGovt. ITI, Berli Kalan26448
Govt. ITI, Kund Manethi34584
Govt. ITI, Rewari37636
Govt. ITI for Girls Rewari14252
G ITI, Leather & Footwear Rewari 232
Govt. ITI, Tankri588
Govt. ITI Kosli26412
Rao Abhey Singh Govt. ITI Sahranwas11176
MohindergarhGovt. ITI, Deroli Ahir464
Govt. ITI, Malrabass464
Govt. ITI, Mahendergarh38652
Govt. ITI (W) Mahendergarh9164
Govt. ITI, Narnaul55832
Govt. ITI for Women, Narnaul10180
Govt. ITI, Sujapur348
Govt. ITI, Sehbajpur356
Hisar Division
FatehabadGovt. ITI, Bhoria Khera39676
Govt. ITI, Tohana32552
Govt. ITI for Girls Tohana10192
Govt. ITI, Bhirdana07112
HisarGovt. ITI, Adampur38648
Govt. ITI for Girls Adampur14264
Govt. ITI, Balsmand30496
Govt. ITI, Barwala35624
Govt. ITI, Hansi40664
Govt. ITI for Girls Hansi10184
Govt. ITI,  Hisar671148
Govt. ITI for Girls Hisar12208
Govt. ITI, Nalwa28512
Govt. ITI, Rakhi Shahpur584
Govt. ITI  Majra Piyau24432
JindGovt. ITI for Girls DumarKhan14256
Govt. ITI, Jind47804
Govt. ITI for Girls,  Jind14264
Govt. ITI, Julana 8136
Govt. ITI, Muana6104
Govt. ITI, Narwana51860
Govt. ITI, Uchana Khurd  5 88
SirsaGovt. ITI, Chautala18308
Govt. ITI , Nathusari Chopta27460
Govt. ITI, Sirsa51872
Govt. ITI  for Girls, Sirsa17320
Govt. ITI Odhan13236
BhiwaniGovt. ITI, Bhiwani47800
Govt. ITI for Girls Bhiwani14264
Govt. ITI, Behal34592
Govt. ITI (W) Charkhi Dadri10192
Govt. ITI, Devrala464
Govt. ITI, Kalali-Balali16264
Govt. ITI, Kadma at Kalali-Balali352
Govt. ITI, Khera, Siwani468
Govt. ITI, Loharu8136
Govt. ITI, Rawaldhi38648
Ch. Surender Singh Memorial Govt. ITI, Tosham23400
Govt. ITI for Girls Tosham7128
Govt. ITI Santor at Rawaldhi7 120
Govt. ITI Jamalpur5 84
Rohtak Division
JhajjarGovt. ITI, Asodha12200
Govt. ITI, Bahadurgarh45772
Govt. ITI (W) Bahadurgarh15272
Govt. ITI, Bhaproda22384
Govt. ITI, Chhara30496
Govt. ITI, Jhajjar at Gudha30520
Govt. ITI, Kuddan at Jhajjar at Gudha348
Govt. ITI for Girls, Jhajjar10184
Govt. ITI, Mattanhail45744
Govt. ITI, Paharipur15256
Govt. ITI, Sahlawas32540
Sh. Jaga Ram Govt. ITI, Jahangirpur8120
Govt. ITI, Dubaldhan6100
KarnalGovt. ITI, Ballah15 260
Babu Mool Chand Jain Govt. ITI, Karnal831388
Govt. ITI for Girls, Karnal15280
Govt. ITI, Nissing30504
Govt. ITI, Taraori6100
Govt. ITI Assandh4 64
PanipatGovt. ITI, Naultha7124
Govt. ITI, Panipat55912
Govt. ITI for Girls, Panipat6104
Govt. ITI for Girls, Samalakha468
Govt. ITI, Pathri232
RohtakGovt. ITI, Hassangarh30512
Govt. ITI, Kalanaur29528
Govt. ITI, Kiloi46777
Govt. ITI, Makroli kalan16280
Govt. ITI, Meham46792
Govt. ITI, Rohtak881488
Govt. ITI for Girls, Rohtak14256
Govt. ITI Madina at Meham14208
Govt. ITI Kansala at Kharkhoda12200
SonepatGovt. ITI, Butana40692
Govt. ITI, Gannaur25404
Govt. ITI, Gohana34560
Govt. ITI, Kathura584
Govt. ITI, Kharkhoda33576
Govt. ITI, Mundlana472
Govt. ITI, Purkhas464
Govt. ITI, Rajlu Garhi16288
Govt. ITI, Sonepat661080
Govt. ITI for Girls, Sonipat13236
Govt. ITI Farmana584
Total  343058748

Final Note- Haryana ITI Result 2018 for NCVT & SCVT Trades will be available online on the official portal of Haryana ITI. The students are suggested to stay tuned to our website to get all latest updates regarding ITI Results.

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